Joseph V. Rochefort

Mr. Joseph V. Rochefort has a B.S Geology & Physics Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas, M.S, Lubbock, Texas, MLA International Relations Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas and has completed Oil and Gas Law Courses, Advanced Technical Training, Management Courses Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas.

Mr. Rochefort served as President, Vice-President, and Chief Geologist of various Corporations including Exxon Company, U.S.A. Midland, Texas 1978-1981, Sun Exploration and Production Co. (ORYX:) Irving & Dallas, Texas 1981-1985 Nova Petroleum Resource Corp. Dallas, Texas 1985-1996, WhiteHill Energy LLC at present. Mr. Rochefort has provided his expertise as a professional exploration and production geologist, geophysicist, and reserves analyst, plus project management positions for major and independent oil & gas corporations. Mr. Rochefort has achieved success in domestic U.S. and International oil and gas exploration and production utilizing advanced managerial and technical skills. Mr. Rochefort is a Certified Petroleum Geologist # 3358 and Certified Petroleum Geophysicist # 90.

Mr. Rochefort is recognized Qualified Reserves Evaluator CT51-101. and U.S. Recognized SEC Reserve Analyst.

In addition Mr. Rochefort is a member of The Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists #1901, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, AAPG Division of Professional Affairs, Society of Professional Well Log Analysts, Dallas Geological Society, Dallas Paleontological Society, Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists, Geological Society of America, and The American Association for the Advancement of Science. Mr. Rochefort has written the following publications:

DPA Professional Stamps and Seals: How Should They Be Used: Author. 2003, American Association of Petroleum Geologists:The Correlator #.6, V.9, 2003; p 7.

SEC Requirements for Oil & Gas: In-house Best Practices Publication 1998
Investing Do’s and Don’t; Private Publication for Clients 1994 Evaporites, Petroleum and Mineral Resources; Assistant to Editor. 1991 Developments in Sedimentology No. 50, Elsevier, 1991; 556 p.